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Date: 2010-12-09 22:35
Subject: Whee, schools out for the holidays!
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I had my last final today (Math 80/Pre-Algebra) and think I did pretty well on it.  If so, then I will have finished all three classes with a high B or A for each. 

Yea me #londonclap

This give me @ 3 weeks to get ready for next quarter which will include the following classes:

Algebra: already have the books, so that's a savings of $100+
Introduction to Funeral Services: text book is The history of American Funeral Directing - that'll be under $50
Sociology of Death and Dying: text book is Death, Society and the Human Experience - it should run @ $65

Should be an interesting quarter.  I'll have a couple of other math classes to take before its all said and done. 

For those who didn't know, I am getting a degree in Funeral Services after being laid off from my previous job at Microsoft.  It was a shock to go back to job hunting after 15 years, and to be honest I have skills out the wazzu but no degrees to back them up, and that's what everyone seems to want.  Rather than lock myself back into the IT world, I decided to go for something completely different, hence the degree in Funeral Services. 

Does it make me morbid to say I am looking forward to taking embalming chemistry and the likes? Maybe, but that's okay with me. 

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