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Date: 2011-10-18 12:42
Subject: Well hell, it's been almost a month
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It's been a busy month with school restarting, babies being expected, friends traveling and a social security hearing....

So, from the top:

Youngest Spawn had her SSI hearing - we are still waiting to hear back on the decision but it was so stressful she dropped out of classes for this semester.

Middle Spawn, aka [personal profile] abeilledeverte was expecting to deliver at the end of November. Due to some issues she was going to heading over the mountains to this side to be closer to the hospital and the specialist at Children's Hospital for the Spud. Then late last week she ended up being hospitalized and they induced labor.

The Beloved Spouse headed over to offer support and help to run herd on the toddling terror.

This morning at 1:02 the Spud made her appearance in the world. She'll be in NICU for a while, and that's pretty much all the info I really have at the moment.

Family friend the Garzan left this morning to go to Thailand for 6 months to work as a volunteer - I'll be babysitting his big assed red SUV (you have no idea of how much this is fun for me). Dropped him off at the airport this morning and he'll arrive sometime tomorrow.

And finally school.... chemistry is kicking my ass somewhat but I think I'll be okay. The rest of the classes are going well and we're still waiting on a body to have our first embalming lab. *fingers crossed* that'll happen this Friday :D

And how is your fall going?

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