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Date: 2011-11-17 08:15
Subject: School update
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Blah...blah... blah feel free to skip if bored :-D

School continues - I think I will be fine in all my classes and could even possibly pass chemistry! Whoo hoo.

Now, just to bitch and gripe a little on chem, I am loving the class ...BUT... I really needed a pre-chem type class to start with, unfortunately the school doesn't offer one. I never took chem in high school, and even if I had, that was ...mumble...30...mumble years ago.

So, many of the student in the class are nursing and dental tech students, and they all gather every fucking day with the tutor to go over the work and homework, they have to have a excellent grade to pass for their program, thankfully the FSE program is a little more forgiving.

Turns out several students in my class lobbied for a take-home test, which the teacher agreed to. Took it home and it took me 8+hours to finish! And I really don't think he changed it to be harder just because it was a take home test, and that's the scary thing to me - if I'd been trying to do it in class in the hour he allows I would have failed miserably.

So, back to the other students and the tutor - the met up with the tutor and went over the test, turns out there was a question on there he had no clue as to how to do the answer for. So, am I just crazy thinking that he's throwing shit at us that we have no ideas of? I think the instructor is a great teacher, but like many who have a degree, teach, retire then come back to it, they forget just how hard it is for those who this is their first or second exposure to chemistry.

Turns out the scores ran for 41 to 103 and I got 101! This is the best score I have gotten on any test in his class by far and it drug my grade from a C to a low B - as long as I can do okay on the last test I should be able to pass with a C at the lowest. This is the one class I am stressing out over big time as you can guess.

The rest are not 'cake' but have more easily relate-able subject matter as they all focus on funeral stuff.

In Restorative Art we've learned all about the skull, muscles and structures of the head for doing reconstruction and restoration. The last couple of weeks we've been able to work with wax to learn the proper way to create an ear or nose.

This link takes you to my Tumblr where I posted a pic of the nose and ear from yesterday:
s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lurwrqjRtj1qdi6cao1_1280.jpg Let me know if the link doesn't work please :D

Funeral Options is all about coming up with the right options for each individual instead of a the standard 'casket/service/graveside' or 'cremate/urn' that folks tend to think about when they are looking at setting up a funeral. A lot of work and thought goes into it all and it's a difficult thing to broach.

Funeral Home Management is all about running your own business, much as you might guess from the title. So a lot of information about advertising, web sites, employee stuff.... basically Small Business Management aimed towards the funeral business.

And then there is Embalming..... I've gotten to embalm 2 bodies now, and I think that this indeed the right place for me. I felt a sense of accomplishment over being able to embalm someone's loved one and make them look good for a service/viewing. I felt like I was giving something back to those families and to the person whom I embalmed.

However.... I really wish that the drawings were more like the real thing when you are attempting to find a carotid artery and jugular vein, just saying :-P

And yeah, here is my plea for monies to help with the costs of schooling again:
While the lab fee for the class is $500, that only covers the cost of the 'body' and not of all the supplies that we have to purchase each and every time, so it's a little pricier than expected.  Any little bit helps, and you have my deepest and greatest thanks. Please, feel free to pass on, signal boost, and share this link.

I am looking forward to December 9th, as school ends the 8th and I get to finally sleep in!

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