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Date: 2011-08-18 21:53
Subject: Finals have arrived
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Mood:bored bored
Tags:random bs, school

School is almost out for the summer (thank the Gods!) and I am totally looking forward to having a mini-break before classes start back up in mid-September.

Monday is my Embalming I final, and a quiz in biology. The final in biology is actually a take home that is due next week - it's worth very little in comparison to the tests of which the final one will be on Wednesday (50 pts vs 80 pts).

Math has no final so I'm down with that :D

The goats did a pretty good job - there was a lot there for them to eat so it's not as bare as I might have expected. Still, if we have the money in the fall I'll see about getting them back again for another section of the yard.

The Spousal Unit is visiting with the Middle Spawn and the Spawnette for the month while the SiL is out for war games, which leaves me alone with the Eldest and Youngest Spawn. We've been gorging on craptastic horror movies ... okay, not all of them were too dreadful but most have been terrible!  Example from tonight where we watched 'Neowolf'.... it was like someone watched Lost Boys and thought that it'd be cool to make a werewolf movie that was sorta kinda like it. But instead of actually writing a decent script they instead used some crappy twaddle from Fanfiction.net as the script and filled in the spaces with slo-mo views of the pretty cast, stripping, sex, and colored lens filming for "atmosphere".

Sad, very very sad.

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Date: 2010-12-28 09:14
Subject: And we're done being spammy mcspam spam
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Location:Where my heart is
Mood:contemplative contemplative
Music:snores from the bedrooms
Tags:random bs

Finished out the 10 Days/Things meme. It is a nice note to end the old year on. 

The new year looms with promises of new adventures, stories to be read and written. In the coming new year there will be new school classes, a birthday for the Spawnlette, and a hope to get more things done around the house and yard.

May the end of the old year bring closure to you and may the promise of the new bring only joy and peace to you and yours.

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Date: 2010-11-16 09:49
Subject: Shiny!
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Location:Math Lab, School
Music:Scissor Sisters; I can't Decide
Tags:random bs

The Beloved Spouse ([dreamwidth.org profile] moondancer ) bought me 12 months of paid time here.  Whee!  I am giddy with trying to think of what to do with it all.

School is almost over for the quarter. I think I['ll come out pretty good in all my classes even with missing a couple of days with the cold the Spawnlette shared with the entire house.  I'm still sniffly and my throat continues to attempt to be scratchy but all in all I am mostly recovered.  I am behind in classes because of it however; something to do with only having enough brains to sleep and maybe watch some tv. On the other hand I did get a lot done on the quilt for the Youngest Spawn as a result.  I could sew on it and sorta pay attention to the tv -- gotta love handwork that doesn't require thought.

We ended up watching all of the Saw movies (except for the latest one in the theaters still). It was a good thing I could only pay half attention to them - there are several scenes that I cannot watch no matter what in all of them.

Spent Saturday vegging out watching action movies: Iron Man 2 which I liked better upon the second viewing, Aliens: the best of all of the Alien movies IMO, and then in honor of Remembrance Day/Veterans Day (a couple of days late) we watched Henry V.  Love that movie.  Branaugh does wonderful things with Shakespeare (everything except Hamlet, which I hated).

Well, math teacher has appeared and so it's time for class.

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Date: 2010-11-13 16:34
Subject: Meme time baby
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Mood:busy busy
Tags:random bs

While I am beating my Yuletide story into shape I thought I'd take a minor break and offer up this meme, stolen with all good intentions from </b></a>[info]silentflux

Comment with a fandom and I will tell you my:

› favorite character
› least favorite character
› prettiest character
› character I wanna marry
› favorite pairing
› favorite episode
› unpopular opinion

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Date: 2010-10-22 19:41
Subject: Something in the air/aether this week
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Mood:anxious anxious
Tags:random bs

I'm not an astrologer, not even an amateur one so I am not sure where the planets are in orbits at the moment but I can tell you that I am tired of the 'current' running through the psychic aether at the moment. 
Maybe it's just the opening of the gates for Samhain, but everyone, and I do mean everyone that I have been around for the past week is touchy. 
If a comment can be misunderstood, it is. 
If something can annoy, it does. 
If something can go wrong, it will.
I know that I am tied up in knots, trying my best not to lash out at those I love over any and all little things. 
Folks in my house are not sleeping well and it's contributing to the general feeling of grumpiness for everyone.

Maybe we all need to step back and take a deep breath.

Breathing in and out in a rhythmic pattern (I prefer the 4-4-8 pattern myself)

I can only hope that this passes soon and that things will calm down.


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Date: 2010-10-18 19:32
Subject: Bitchin' and gripin'
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Mood:cranky cranky
Music:Lost Boys playing on the tv
Tags:random bs

It's certainly been a day, and not a great one at that for the most part. Mostly IMO because of other drivers on the road and pedestrians on the Microsoft campus.

It was the sort of day that if I could have avoided going out in the car I would have jumped on the chance.  I saw drivers pull out in front of speeding cars, change lanes without warning in front of other cars and other asinine be.  I was ready to pull over to the side of the road and just sit and read rather than going to school.

And the pedestrians... they deserve a Darwin award of the highest caliber.  They consistently stepped off the curb to cross without looking in front of cars.  When they 'noticed' a car barreling down at them (at a whole 15-20 mph) they would look at the driver like they were at fault.  Stupid people.

School is going well, though I am not looking forward to more advanced classes at this point.  It's hard enough to keep up with the homework as it is, I'm absolutely terrified of what it's going to be like going forward!

Oh well, I'm home and clearing out my inbox and FB and tomorrow is another day.

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Date: 2010-10-06 11:27
Subject: Where the hell is my brain? If found please return....
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Mood:relieved relieved
Tags:random bs

On my way into school this morning I made the discovery that I didn't have my wallet with me. 

I texted the Eldest Spawn as she was going to be out of the house to see if she could spot and let me know, in the hopes that she could bring it to me.

No luck she says.  I begin to panic.  Last time I had seen it that I could remember was at the college the day before where I had whipped it out to buy a bottle of water because I'd left my refillable one at home on accident. 

Let me clarify -- I carry a bifold wallet in my bra, which contains my bank cards, my insurance card, my drivers license, any cash (very unlikely) and a Morgan Silver Dollar coin that has great sentimental value.  Oh yeah, and the Starbucks card that actually has money one it!

Normally when I get home I take it out, place on desk then strip off my torture device; ie the BRA.  I'm a big girl and I have big boobs.  Nuff said.

I decide it's worth the gas cost to drive back home to look for it myself and steel myself for having to replace said data bits which would include me having to blow off a class to deal with the bank and Washington's licensing service.  No joy.

Got home, searched around the desk, no wallet!

went into the dark bedroom where the Beloved Spouse is sleeping and hunted in the dark.  No luck!  Panic sets in when I spot a dark object where no object should be.  There, wedged inbetween the crafts bins and the closet edge was my wallet.

Whew!  Panic attack averted, lunch has been had so now I can drive out to the college again without feeling like I am going to get pulled over at any second.

And how is your Wednesday going?

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Date: 2010-10-05 10:10
Subject: Porn soon, I promise...
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Location:campus math lab
Mood:anxious anxious
Tags:random bs

I've been spending a lot of time being pissed off at the world, especially with random bullshit dealing with sexuality, politics, and other hot topics. As a result I've been posting a lot of links and other stuff here but I promise that there will be fic and possibly porn here in the near future... really.

Until then however, its the third week of school. First draft of a compare/contrast essay is due for peer review in English (I got it done this weekend and I am avoiding the whole 'I want to edit/rewrite it before anyone sees it' and an attempt to follow class guidelines. 

I'm also doing a lot of tutoring in the comp. apps class, which is fine, it keeps me from being bored there.

And today, is my first math test.  I have a love/hate relationship with math.  I enjoy doing the problems when I understand all the rules, but I hate it when the rules make no sense.  Really.  Math is a great big lie in my head, you can make the numbers do anything you want when you want, much like statistics which I took a dinosaurs age ago.

I plan on spending time this afternoon working on at least one of my word prompts, here on my nifty little netbook I picked up to haul to and from the college.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my laptop, but its big, and heavy and I live in fear that I'll drop it or something else.  So I bought a little netbook that weighs nothing that allows me to do most of the things I would be doing on my laptop anyway.  Its one big drawback is that it drags when there is flash involved, but since flash is of the devil, that's okay.

I'm just killing time until the rest of the class finishes up the 'practice test' so that we can get into the real test.

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Date: 2010-09-24 16:11
Subject: So totally lost now.
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Mood:sore sore
Tags:random bs

Because yesterday was my last day of school for the week I keep thinking this is Saturday... not Friday and trying to have errands ran before things closed (insert flaily hands here)...
You get my drift?
Yeah, totally weirded out.
Vacuumed the floor and all the little fiddly bits around the furniture so that the now CRAWLING Spawnlette would have a clean surface to demonstrate on and amaze us with her mad crawling skills.

I want to be knitting but the vacuuming has killed my hands for possibly the day.  Maybe later they will work well enough that I can hold the needles and work on the ghostie washcloth.

Any big plans for our weekend?  Ours will all revolve around the Middle Spawn, the Sargent and the Spawnlette.  We may make a trip to have dinner with the guys now that they are back from Europe, but nothing definite yet.

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Date: 2010-09-17 22:24
Subject: Another Friday night....
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Mood:amused amused
Tags:kitteh, random bs

Its been a busy week here at the house.  I've spent a portion of it attempting to wrangle control of the national disaster area that is also known as the Youngest Spawn's bedroom.

as of today I am 80% done in there (whoo hoo!) but got nothing accomplished today I am sad to say.  All because of this little cutie pie

who showed up and started helping herself to the cat food in the kitchen.  She has a collar with an AVID tag, but the AVID folks only show her PID as being registered with the adoption agency that implanted it.  I've called and left a message and I hope that they will get back to me soon.

She's young, probably no more than 8 months old, and is in that gawky adolescent phase for kittens, all long legs and hollow belly.  She's eaten several times, and I suspect that she wandered away from her home a couple of days age with the appetite she is showing, along with the scrawny body. 

She's very friendly and cuddlesome and while the two resident cats are not terribly impressed or happy, neither has done more than hiss at her attempts to friendship this evening. 

I've sent email round to the neighborhood (we're rural, so everyone tries to keep in contact this way for neighborhood issues, road graveling,etc) but so far no one has claimed her.

The Beloved Spouse is out this evening and will be for the entire weekend to attend the Esoteric Book Conference held in Seattle this weekend.  Tonight he's just picking up a friend from back east who flew out to attend as well.  Hopefully I'll get the chance to see him this weekend as well.

Other than trying to finish up the room this weekend I'll be getting my stuff together for classes on Monday.

What are you up to this weekend?

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Date: 2010-09-12 17:32
Subject: Cleaning, cooking and the whole enchilada
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Mood:hungry hungry
Tags:random bs

While my Eldest and Youngest Spawn are out house sitting I decided that it would be a good time to go into the Youngest Spawn's room and clean it out. 

A little minor background, the Youngest Spawn is currently 22 and getting ready to try and go back to school again for the the fall.  She is bi-polar with an anxiety disorder, along with hallucinations (auditory and visual) and a minor issue with agoraphobia.  It's only the icing on her health issues, but as a parent of a child with these health problems it can be ...interesting...

So, the cleaning out of her room.  Its being done with her knowledge; it would be VERY BAD to do anything like this without much discussion.  To do otherwise is to court meltdowns of epic proportions and the possibility of hospital stays.  No fun for any of us.

So far I've hauled out the clothing that no longer fits.  And invited a friend of her's over to help herself to any and all of the going away clothing that she would like.

Now I've begun to go through the rest of her belongings and attempting to put some sort of order and method for the stacking/storing of the said items.

It's taken me three days so far, but I've made real progress.  Tomorrow I'll tackle the desk area and try to bring some sort of order to the software and CDs littering the area.

In the midst of that I've also been doing some kitchen changes, including the type of foods that I am cooking and eating.  I found the coolest little spice jars at Cost Plus with gasket flip lips (like old fashioned canning jars) that some of my spices will end up in, especially those I am buying in bulk on in the little plastic bags in the Hispanic food section of the stores.

I also replaced the Evil Can Opener that Did Not Work with one that should take the entire lid off (I had one years ago and loved it).  Next on my list is a digital temp prob like the one Alton Brown uses on Good Eats.  I have found it online for a mere *gasp* *cough* $89 but on the plus side it comes in my color (RED).

Tonight's dinner is chicken and dumplings.  I know that most recipe books show this as just chicken cooked with dumplings on the side, but that is not the way that I grew up with it.  Instead it's a thick veggie and chicken stew with dumplings added at the end.  I love to make this as a comfort dinner, especially on days when it's cool like it is today.

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Date: 2010-09-03 17:12
Subject: Food and other touchy subjects
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Mood:hungry hungry
Tags:food, random bs

I love to cook... most of the time. What I don't like is having to make decisions about food unless I am making ALL the decisions about food.

The best thing about the Eldest Spawn and Youngest Spawn house sitting for a month is that I get to fix foods I normally wouldn't.

Case in point, dinner tonight: Fire roasted anaheim chilies stuffed with corn nibblets and cotijo cheese, baked with some green enchilada sauce (to keep them from drying out too much in the oven) and topped with shredded cheese. Served with home made mexi-rice.

Now if only I had a house boy to clean the kitchen up for me afterward *grin*

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Date: 2010-09-03 08:49
Subject: Friday free for all
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Mood:amused amused
Tags:random bs

The subject sounds like a wrestling match in my mind, which isn't to far from the truth of my mind *grin*.

Been reading a lot this week, trying new fandoms and revisiting old ones (hello Smallville and SGA) in between panicking about money, the car and school starting in 2+ weeks.

I need to get my but in gear and start work on my Timestamp stories and also my Advent Calendar story. I have some stuff mapped out but I need to focus on the outline so I can start writing.

Does anyone know if there is a Comment Prompt community here on DreamWidth? I occasionally indulge in drabbling over on LJ in the comunity there.

I was able to roll over my 401K into an IRA so I can access the money to repair the car and get the plumbing fixed (retirement?, who needs it!). Check is in the mail out to us as of yesterday so I will have it in time to pay for the new engine in the Eldest Spawn's vehicle, thus allowing us to have two functioning cars in the household again. Between different school schedules, and assorted doctors appointments we really need to have two to function with any sort of usefulness.

Since we live in the boonies and the nearest bus stop is 4.4 miles down the two lane mountain road it's not a real option except to take in the mornings if you are planning on being gone all day long.

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Date: 2010-09-01 15:51
Subject: errr... Hello.....
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Location:Bear's House
Mood:amused amused
Music:the sound of the washer
Tags:random bs

I am new to Dreamwidth, though I've been using an Open ID to access journals here for a while. I'll be migrating my bookmarks over to here so that I can stalk er I mean keep up with folks here.

I ditched Live Journal a couple of years ago due to their ass hattery on several subjects though I kept the journal open to keep in contact with friends there, and moved to Insane Journal as my posting journal. I'll be keeping my IJ as I have a permanent account there but will be mirroring to this journal for future posts.

I am not a power poster though if we are friends on FB or Twitter you know I tend to have spam runs with periods of quiet in between.

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