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Date: 2012-10-21 09:42
Subject: Random babbling, a job!, and life after graduation...
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And it starts out like this; over the summer, although I'd done the 'walk' for graduation I had one last class to take and pass.


Just so I am clear, this shall never be spoken of again.

The class itself wasn't that horrible, but I found myself wondering why the hell I actually had to subject myself to this class. I could see the point for several in my cohort - they couldn't get up in front of the class to present a slideshow, let alone a persuasive argument, but I'm an old pro at standing in front of crowds and talking. Oh well, it really doesn't matter, I did the fucking class and passed and have my diploma sitting at the school waiting for me to pick it up.

Things got really hairy by the end of summer financially here as my student loan wouldn't pay for the singular class and the annuity that I'd been receiving monthly from my mom's estate ran out (with out a statement or notice from the annuity company). Luckily I'd only scheduled one bill payment to come out so I didn't have a load of fees from the credit union.
Luckily enough all my job hunting FINALLY paid off and I have a full time job, in the profession I got a degree for and everything!

I'm working for a funeral care center. What this means is that we aren't an actual funeral home, instead we provide services to 40+ funeral homes in the area that include removal and storage of decedents, cremation, embalming, casketing, and the more frequent than I would have thought shipping of said decedents to other places via plane and train.

I've been there two full weeks and the best part is that I'm also doing my internships there. No more trying to find a funeral director to intern under, or embalmer either. I'm interning under the boss for my funeral director internship and under one of the embalmers for my embalming internship.

And the truly bestest part of all? Its a paying job!

For the first time in 3 years I am working full time. It's a big adjustment and it feels great!
Now I'm just playing to learning game and working on getting used to working full time again. I figure in another week or so my body will realize and adjust to the early wake up and will stop nagging me so much about it all.

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Date: 2012-03-15 21:06
Subject: School Blatherings and Other Nonsense
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I’ve one more quarter of school and then I graduate.  It’s hard for me to believe that the time has passed so quickly.

The quarter draws to a close and as I prepare for finals I think back on what I have learned this quarter; Embalming has been an intense learning experience this quarter even more so than last quarter.  It’s been good and I believe that I made the right choices in choosing this program. 

The second quarter of Restorative Arts was pretty intense – we had to choose someone real and then recreate their head out of wax. It was judged by a panel of 10 judges – other teachers outside the program. I was very proud to have gotten 99 out of 100 on mine.

If you want to see the head I did take a swing out here:


Unfortunately there were some sour grapes in the class who thought that they should have been graded better.


Haters gonna hate.


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Date: 2012-02-29 14:56
Subject: School update
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I'm about 4 weeks from the quarter ending and then one more quarter and I'll be done with my program! 

WHOO HOO~ let the partying begin :D

I'll have three 'arranged classes' which means that they will be online, and two classes on campus. Unfortunately one is during the day, the other is at night. Le sigh. It was either that or end up taking accounting over the summer.

Now the hard stuff begins, I have to find a temp internship (6 weeks) and then a full time one for my licensing. I also need to start studying for my boards as I cannot officially graduate until I pass those. That'll be a $400.00 fee for testing.  Ouch!

So, if anyone feels like they have a couple of bucks laying around that they want to contribute to my schooling fund, here is the link again :D


I've also posted pics of my current projects in class - in restorative art we all have to make a head of someone real, it'll be compared to photographs as a final project. If you are interested in seeing it, you can see them here: plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104716306577182105405/albums/5712736267282777457 (hopefully this link works).

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Date: 2011-11-17 08:15
Subject: School update
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Blah...blah... blah feel free to skip if bored :-D

School continues - I think I will be fine in all my classes and could even possibly pass chemistry! Whoo hoo.

Now, just to bitch and gripe a little on chem, I am loving the class ...BUT... I really needed a pre-chem type class to start with, unfortunately the school doesn't offer one. I never took chem in high school, and even if I had, that was ...mumble...30...mumble years ago.

So, many of the student in the class are nursing and dental tech students, and they all gather every fucking day with the tutor to go over the work and homework, they have to have a excellent grade to pass for their program, thankfully the FSE program is a little more forgiving.

Turns out several students in my class lobbied for a take-home test, which the teacher agreed to. Took it home and it took me 8+hours to finish! And I really don't think he changed it to be harder just because it was a take home test, and that's the scary thing to me - if I'd been trying to do it in class in the hour he allows I would have failed miserably.

So, back to the other students and the tutor - the met up with the tutor and went over the test, turns out there was a question on there he had no clue as to how to do the answer for. So, am I just crazy thinking that he's throwing shit at us that we have no ideas of? I think the instructor is a great teacher, but like many who have a degree, teach, retire then come back to it, they forget just how hard it is for those who this is their first or second exposure to chemistry.

Turns out the scores ran for 41 to 103 and I got 101! This is the best score I have gotten on any test in his class by far and it drug my grade from a C to a low B - as long as I can do okay on the last test I should be able to pass with a C at the lowest. This is the one class I am stressing out over big time as you can guess.

The rest are not 'cake' but have more easily relate-able subject matter as they all focus on funeral stuff.

In Restorative Art we've learned all about the skull, muscles and structures of the head for doing reconstruction and restoration. The last couple of weeks we've been able to work with wax to learn the proper way to create an ear or nose.

This link takes you to my Tumblr where I posted a pic of the nose and ear from yesterday:
s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lurwrqjRtj1qdi6cao1_1280.jpg Let me know if the link doesn't work please :D

Funeral Options is all about coming up with the right options for each individual instead of a the standard 'casket/service/graveside' or 'cremate/urn' that folks tend to think about when they are looking at setting up a funeral. A lot of work and thought goes into it all and it's a difficult thing to broach.

Funeral Home Management is all about running your own business, much as you might guess from the title. So a lot of information about advertising, web sites, employee stuff.... basically Small Business Management aimed towards the funeral business.

And then there is Embalming..... I've gotten to embalm 2 bodies now, and I think that this indeed the right place for me. I felt a sense of accomplishment over being able to embalm someone's loved one and make them look good for a service/viewing. I felt like I was giving something back to those families and to the person whom I embalmed.

However.... I really wish that the drawings were more like the real thing when you are attempting to find a carotid artery and jugular vein, just saying :-P

And yeah, here is my plea for monies to help with the costs of schooling again:
While the lab fee for the class is $500, that only covers the cost of the 'body' and not of all the supplies that we have to purchase each and every time, so it's a little pricier than expected.  Any little bit helps, and you have my deepest and greatest thanks. Please, feel free to pass on, signal boost, and share this link.

I am looking forward to December 9th, as school ends the 8th and I get to finally sleep in!

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Date: 2011-09-18 09:03
Subject: More school babbling
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So, final school round-up before the Monday start:

  • Shots done and verification in my hot little hands (Hep B, Tet booster, TB test)
  • Awaiting letter letting me know the scholarship funds are available
  • Awaiting letter to let me know student loan funds are available
so, all I need to do today is laundry, pack the school bag, figure out lunch stuff & sew together my costume that I'm wearing at the Haunted Cornmaze I'll be working at in October. We're having the kickoff meeting today and I need to bring my costume. They provided it, but it was too small (no real surprise) so I bought more fabric and will gusset up the sides to make it fit over my larger frame. I'm adding ties so if the next person to wear it is smaller they can easily cinch it in.

*breathes deeply* I can get everything done by this evening. I can. Really.

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Date: 2011-08-18 21:53
Subject: Finals have arrived
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Tags:random bs, school

School is almost out for the summer (thank the Gods!) and I am totally looking forward to having a mini-break before classes start back up in mid-September.

Monday is my Embalming I final, and a quiz in biology. The final in biology is actually a take home that is due next week - it's worth very little in comparison to the tests of which the final one will be on Wednesday (50 pts vs 80 pts).

Math has no final so I'm down with that :D

The goats did a pretty good job - there was a lot there for them to eat so it's not as bare as I might have expected. Still, if we have the money in the fall I'll see about getting them back again for another section of the yard.

The Spousal Unit is visiting with the Middle Spawn and the Spawnette for the month while the SiL is out for war games, which leaves me alone with the Eldest and Youngest Spawn. We've been gorging on craptastic horror movies ... okay, not all of them were too dreadful but most have been terrible!  Example from tonight where we watched 'Neowolf'.... it was like someone watched Lost Boys and thought that it'd be cool to make a werewolf movie that was sorta kinda like it. But instead of actually writing a decent script they instead used some crappy twaddle from Fanfiction.net as the script and filled in the spaces with slo-mo views of the pretty cast, stripping, sex, and colored lens filming for "atmosphere".

Sad, very very sad.

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Date: 2011-04-01 21:42
Subject: Welcome to spring in the Pacific Northwe(s)t
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Spring here means floods, road closures, and trouble in the mountain passes.  Just in time for classes to resume on Monday *grin*

The roads to and from our neck of the woods here are now limited to one across the valley and the N/S 2-lane county highway. The weather gods have promised that the rain will slow/stop and that the river will start to drop during the weekend.  Having spent the past two evenings stuck waiting for an hour to go 2 or so miles in the back ups I'm hoping that the river recedes by Monday big time!

I am looking forward to school starting back - it's been a nice break for the past week but I need to get back out of the house.

Got my grades - scored a high B in History of Funeral Directing; now that I know the teachers' style I can do better in future classes with him.  Since there are only 2 teachers in the program I'll have many more classes with him I'll be able to do better.

Got a high B in Algebra as well, yay me!  I am very happy about that.

Got an A in sociology which is what I was expecting - all in all I am pretty happy with the last semester and the grades from it.  One more quarter of math - intermediate Algebra here I come.

Starting Monday I'll be carrying a load of 20 credits:
Intermediate Algebra
Funeral Services Ethics
Funeral Services Sociology
Funeral Directing
Small Business Managment

And finally, we did our taxes and made the discovery that some info needed (mortgage 1099 anyone?) was missing - so after getting it from the bank and finding a couple of other pieces needed we'll be back at the tax place to drop off and sign paperwork. *whew*

How's your week been?

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Date: 2011-03-20 08:31
Subject: Finals week is upon us
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Location:Where my heart is
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Its the last week of school and I took my algebra final yesterday.

Won't actually know the results until the 29th (wah!) but unless I blew it big time I should come out of the class with a high B or low A. Not too shabby for a girl that went back into school with a burning hatred of math.

It amuses me what it is that is getting me through these math classes;

  • I don't want to be the 'typical' girl afraid of or destroyed by math
  • I want to possibly do more school after my degree (what?!? am I insane?  maybe...)
  • I think of Rodney McKay's reaction and continue on
  • I refuse to let math beat me
I'll have a week off between quarters then right back into math again - this time it'll be Intermediate Algebra. Still not sure if I'll need to take anything past that or not for the degree; I need to check with the advisers to see what is the deal with it all. 

I know I need the math 99 (intermediate algebra) for chemistry, I am just not sure if I need any more past that for embalming chemistry.

Monday is review day for soc and History of Funeral Services then finals on Wednesday.


And how is your week looking out there?  Any good stories I've missed that you recommend?

Currently reading these fandoms:
H5O - Danny/Steve; what can I say they are pretty.
Sherlock - Love me some good Sherlock/John, BAMF!John preferred Or Lestrade/John (yeah I know his first name is Greg, it just doesn't sound right!
Losers - anyone with anyone....that movie was filled with the pretty and awesome
Red - is anyone writing Red fiction? If so, why am I not seeing it?

The sun is shining... I wanna go out and play, not do homework!

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Date: 2011-02-07 19:01
Subject: Speaking of school....
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Its still going on.  Its midterms this week so I've been on stress overload. Not because I think I am going to fail, but just from life in general.

So, quick roundup of the status of classes:

Maths: I have gotten 2 tests out of 5 back and have missed half a problem on each. If it continues in this vein I should pass algebra with an A or B. I think I really kinda like the 5 hour/1 day class set up. At this time I'm testing on the same stuff we are going over in lecture so I'm ahead of the curve by one. 

Intro to Funeral Services: I am not sure what I was really expecting from this, but I am pretty sure that a tour of the History of Funerals from Egypt to Modern Times is not it. I think I was expecting that it would be an overview of the entire program, with discussion on all the different aspects of Funeral services, from director to embalmer. I am less sure of my grade in this class but I have hopes to escape with a passing grade. I love history, just not history written from a specific viewpoint. >;(

Sociology of Death and Dying: This class rocks! The teacher is a hoot, the information is interesting and engaging and the class all likes to participate. Of course, there is the obligatory know-it-all geek boy (or girl) in the class, but they seemed to have calmed down.

I didn't sleep well over the weekend and that is one of the things that is contributing to my general crankiness. Hopefully I'll be able to get some good sleep tonight and be in a better mood tomorrow.

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Date: 2010-12-14 11:23
Subject: Grades came out today!
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Mood:excited excited

For my first quarter back:

 FAL10    BAS   101         COMPUTER APPLICATIONS          4.0          2.0     
MATH 080 PRE-ALGEBRA 3.8 5.0

I am majorly excited about the grades.  Next quarter should be interesting.

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Date: 2010-12-09 22:35
Subject: Whee, schools out for the holidays!
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I had my last final today (Math 80/Pre-Algebra) and think I did pretty well on it.  If so, then I will have finished all three classes with a high B or A for each. 

Yea me #londonclap

This give me @ 3 weeks to get ready for next quarter which will include the following classes:

Algebra: already have the books, so that's a savings of $100+
Introduction to Funeral Services: text book is The history of American Funeral Directing - that'll be under $50
Sociology of Death and Dying: text book is Death, Society and the Human Experience - it should run @ $65

Should be an interesting quarter.  I'll have a couple of other math classes to take before its all said and done. 

For those who didn't know, I am getting a degree in Funeral Services after being laid off from my previous job at Microsoft.  It was a shock to go back to job hunting after 15 years, and to be honest I have skills out the wazzu but no degrees to back them up, and that's what everyone seems to want.  Rather than lock myself back into the IT world, I decided to go for something completely different, hence the degree in Funeral Services. 

Does it make me morbid to say I am looking forward to taking embalming chemistry and the likes? Maybe, but that's okay with me. 

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Date: 2010-09-21 19:54
Subject: School, Day 2
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Mood:tired tired

And I am exhausted!  On the big plus side my math class is all done online, so I only have to attend class for quizzes and tests if I should so want.  I will be attending classes just because that way I can use the teacher as a resource to help me out. 

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